About Us

BMTECH’s business activity is mainly concentrated in products of advanced marine technology.

Our Mission & Values

BMTECH was established in 2007 and is mainly concentrated in products of advanced marine electronics technology for the Leisure, Commercial and Military markets. Our products are such as: TELEDYNE FLIR Thermal night vision cameras (for navigation and security day and night) and integration option with other systems (i.e. radar). Navigate with Safety in Total Darkness and Turn the Night into Day! Our Company is official authorised distributor, installer, integrator of TELEDYNE FLIR since 2007 the year when thermal cameras were first been introduced and available to the leisure market.

Teledyne FLIR’s state-of-the-art thermal cameras provide:

  • Ability to work with other systems (i.e. radar) to maximize safety and complete perimeter surveillance of your vessel. BMTECH is a certified integrator of Teledyne FLIR.
  • Ability to distinguish floating objects, rocks, people in the sea, boats without running lights, small boats/inflatables, etc. that cannot be detected by radar.
  • Full visibility in complete darkness. Unlike other night vision systems that require low light to produce an image, the thermal camera needs no light at all.
  • Full visibility in all conditions, even through smoke, light fog, rain.
  • Full visibility against the sun.
  • High security and protection in navigation day and night.
  • Port security.
  • Fish-farms security.
  • Risk detection and prevention.
  • Event logging.
  • Anti-piracy.
  • Iceberg detection.
  • Avoiding hazards, accidents and intruders.
  • An important tool for research purposes.
  • Environmental protection such as oil spill detection combined with specially developed software, radars, cameras.
  • Engines/batteries/tanks monitoring systems, thermal and non-thermal monitoring of engines room,
  • NOTTROT Marine monitors and multi-functional displays and other marine electronics (FURUNO, SIMRAD, RAYMARINE),
  • GLOBAL MARINE TRACKING SYSTEMS S.L. (SEETRAC) Real time tracking and identification systems of tenders and jet-skies,
  • RHMarine integral software solution for the maritime industry (controlling and monitoring through PC engines, radar, AIS, generators, pumps, refrigerator, electrical, hydraulic systems, the list is endless).
  • Designed hardware,
  • Customized complete closed circuit CCTV systems offering perimeter surveillance, engine room control and full security tailored exclusively for each customer to meet their requirements. There are different types of cameras with the possibility of remote access, control and monitoring via DVR/NVR/PC Based Systems (IP and analog recorders): marine waterproof IP66, fixed and Pan/tilt systems (PTZ), analog, digital and IP, day and night, low light, thermal cameras & thermal cameras for the engine room. Additional recording function through digital networks and high-tech recorders are available. Other products that can be integrated into the system are i.e. water, smoke, etc. inflow sensor. Live video transmission on PC, tablet, smartphone, IPHONE, IPAD anywhere in the world.
  • MENTE MARINE automatic trim tabs. The first in the world to make trim tabs automatic using sensors that measure the movements of the boat. More precise measurements, faster trimming of the boat and a beautifully designed control panel. No cables, no boxes, no extra wires to connect. Just put in an automatic trim tab control panel instead of the traditional four buttons.  It is smart! It senses your moves. The ACS automatic trim system will keep your boat in proper trim.
  • Digital sensors for NMEA 2000 & SeaTalk NG. Sensors that convert any analog signal into a digital NMEA2000 which through any multi-functional monitor (MFD) displays the information in digital form. In addition, there are sensors for converting analog and digital signals to NMEA2000.
  • Marine antennas and other marine electronic products.
  • Ultrasound Algae and Biofilm Control for swimming pools, ponds, lakes, golf course ponds, aquacultures, water treatment plants.  A method to control algae without using chemicals or to reduce chemical treatment.

Indicatively, the Company’s clients involve shipping companies, aquaculture companies, charter and shipbuilding management companies, defence systems companies, private companies, individual customers, the Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Coastguard, hotel resorts etc.

The company apart from products sales offers customized solutions according to each customer’s needs and requirements, installation, integration, repair and full after-sales service.  The primary aim of BMTECH is the provision of prompt and high quality full-service.  Moreover, the company is committed to offer training and continuous support to its customers in order to become familiar with the applied technology. 


Always, exists the possibility to arrange a live on-board demo demonstration during night in order to understand the operation of our systems and explain their advanced capabilities