Ocean Scout – Open Seas Ahead

Ocean Scout is a rugged, compact thermal night vision camera that lets you see other vessels, landmarks, buoys, and floating debris in total darkness.

Now with a high resolution LCD display and FLIR’s industry-leading thermal sensor technology, Ocean Scout makes your time on the water safer and more relaxing

Ocean Scout Features

Enhanced Awareness – See marine traffic and navigation aids at night

  • Quickly scan your surroundings for other vessels

  • Easily recognize buoys in river channels or open water

  • Detect key landmarks like islands or docks

Steer Clear – Boat with confidence day or night

  • Avoid obstacles, such as rocks, floating logs, and other debris

  • Be aware of kayakers, personal watercraft, and small boats without lights

  • Detect marine mammals above the water surface

Stay Safe – A lifesaving tool for a “man overboard” emergency

  • Locate the body heat of anyone in the water

  • Quickly identify overboard people and pets

  • InstAlert™ mode highlights the hottest objects in red

Ocean Scout Thermal Range



LS-X / XR Series

LS-X and LS-XR handheld thermal night vision monoculars are built specifically for those who serve and protect. This powerful, yet simple imager gives Law Enforcement an unfair advantage whether searching for evidence or pursuing a suspect, all in the palm of your hand. The newest additions to this field-proven line, LS-X and the LS-XR, feature enhanced resolution displays, extended zoom capabilities, and video output. Whatever you are searching for, find it with FLIR.

LS-Series Features

  • Enhanced resolution LCD display

  • Extended range zoom

  • Video output capable

Superior Vision

High resolution thermal vision with e-zoom and InstAlert™ 

  • High resolution display with ergonomic eyepiece

  • Up to 8X magnification

Simple Operation

Starts in seconds, intuitive controls, designed for single-hand use.

  • Multiple InstAlert™ levels call attention to hot objects

  • Single-hand design

  • Red Laser pointer

Portable and Rugged

Handheld, fits in most pockets, rugged design.

  • Fits in packs, pockets or included Molle bag

  • Functions after being dropped on hard surface or in shallow water


The FLIR Ocean Scout TK is a marine thermal camera that extends your vision on the water, day or night, for greater awareness and safety.

As a thermal imager, the Ocean Scout TK creates images based on heat, not visible light. Vessels, watercraft, buoys, and other obstacles give off heat and appear clearly in all lighting conditions – from pitch darkness to blinding sun glare.