Intended use of proTAC™ Antennas

proTAC™ antennas are intended for both the commercial and the military marine use. Their most important design aspect has been to combine several communication systems safely and robustly into one antenna while still maintaining decent performance levels.

proTAC™ antennas are designed to be used together with relevant proFIL™ family antenna combiners. They can be used also as single band antennas with direct connection to the communication system.

proTAC™ antennas are DC-grounded to maximize the safety, performance and compact size. Thus they should always be used with proISO™ Galvanic Isolators.

They are supposed to be used in metallic hull vessels (aluminium, steel) and with reservations in carbon fiber hulls. Other hull materials, please consult Promarine’s technical sales department.

Solutions for other communication bands

proTAC™ series of antennas is under constant development while we are looking for the new communication systems to be included into specifications. Please consult our technical sales about your needs that are not yet satisfied.

Introduction to proTAC™ Technology

Requirements for communications in maritime environment have been rapidly increasing during last years. This means for smaller crafts an increasing amount of antennas to be placed in small areas while compromising the performance and the quality of communications.

This situation can be controlled still somehow at shipyards when all the systems are known and planned together to fit the vessel. But as the time goes, new communication systems and new antennas are added by various players and the result is not controlled by anyone anymore.

It is also true that that all the manufacturers of communication systems require their antennas to be placed at the mast top (the best place for standard marine antenna), the problem is that there is only one such place. Also IMO (international maritime organization) recommends that antennas operating at the same band should have vertical separation of 5 meters from each other.

proTAC™ technology was developed to address this situation. The philosophy behind the technology is not to struggle after the ideal antenna performance in laboratory conditions but to obtain good performance for all the communication systems installed on board. It is not just the antenna that matters in most of the cases – it is the other antennas, surroundings, radios and usage scenarios that matters. And that is what the proTAC™ is together with Promarine technical sales department.