Satellite positioning solutions


When ship’s topside needs to be occupied by multiple antennas, several problems may arise concerning isolation of signals and placement of antennas.

proGPS™ family of GNSS (global navigation satellite system) products is designed to improve the reliability and performance of navigation equipment.

Intended use of GPS Signal Splitter

proGPS™ GPS signal splitters are used to split active and passive GPS antenna’s RF-signal to several GPS receivers.

It can be used not only with traditional GPS receivers but also communication systems like TETRA which has in-built GPS receivers in radios and require a separate antenna connection e.g. not able to use existing GPS NMEA data.

Other systems are fleet management and PC-based systems that quite often has GPS receiver and would require otherwise its own antenna.

Common Features of signal splitters

  • Instant installation to retrofits

  • Reduced cabling

  • Galvanically isolated antenna from receivers

  • Galvanically isolated from ship’s mains power

  • Galvanically isolated from the ground

  • Signal protection with high interference rejection

  • Robust design and durable aluminum casing

Local maritime authorities and GMDSS regulations

If the vessel falls under the GMDSS regulations the use of proGPS™ GPS signal splitters should always be approved by local authorities or relevant class society if it is going to be installed with IMO approved (Wheelmark) positioning equipment. Even though the proGPS™ technology does not increase risk for malfunction in communication systems the local interpretation of IMO guidelines might vary.