Innovative transmission power limiters

A must for police and fire boats while they operate at discharge water area of nuclear power plant.

Our proATT™ family of products is specially designed to enable ATEX compliance on vessels that are supposed to operate in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

They ensure high-performance communication in normal conditions and after remotely commanded to ATEX mode they limit the transmitted power to such level, which does not ignite flammable gases for example in nuclear power plants discharge water area.

Minimize losses

The innovative proATT™ technology minimizes the losses in normal operating mode and ensures compliance in ATEX operating mode. Thus it maintains the overall performance of the communication system. proATT™ products are available for marine VHF and TETRA communication bands. Custom versions can be built on demand.


  • easy to use and install
  • enables the ATEX conformity of a vessel
  • failsafe operation
  • high performance and reliability

proATT Attenuators

proATT Attenuators comparsion chart