Combiners (signal splitters and combiners)

Safety and performance

High performance proFIL™ technology enables modern communications without compromising safety and performance. Its low loss and high isolation output ports improve the overall performance of the communication system in comparison to the traditional one antenna – one radio approach.

 The proFIL™ family of products consists of antenna combiners, which are designed to reduce the total number of antennas on the topside of the vessel. Thus the immediate effect is reduced interference. Their high performance filtering removes other spurious signals form nearby radios and high isolation technology increases the virtual distance of connected radios.

 Design your own vessel to be intermodulation interference free or ask us to do it for You!

The best protection and immunity against interference is reached together with the proISO™ technology.

Power Line Noise Filters

 proFIL™ series Power Line Noise filters is designed to reduce noise and interference from the switched mode power supplies. They attenuate effectively low frequency switching frequencies and higher harmonic frequencies caused by unintentional interaction with high power RF-transmissions.

Impedance Matching Filters

 proFIL™ series of Professional Impedance Matching filters are designed to maximize the performance of receiver while minimizing the conductive noise through cables by taking advantage of inbuilt proISO™ technology.

Coaxial Cable Interference Filters

 proFIL™ series Coaxial Cable Interference Filters are designed to minimize interference that is travelling backwards in coaxial cables due to antenna circuit mismatch, reflections around antenna and cable faults.

Antenna Splitters

Promarine filters offer a simple, yet effective solution by allowing different receivers to utilize common antenna, so that thicket of antennas on ship’s topside can be thinned out and interference significantly reduced.

Antenna Combiners

The use of proFIL™ family of antenna combiners makes the design of communication system trouble free and easy. It helps in reducing the interference between communication system. Being a completely passive technology, it is maintenance free and reliable and it does not cause further interference.

Tactical Communication Products

Promarine’s tactical communication products are specially designed for fast and small patrol vessels. They allow the installation of multiple radios without increasing the amount of antenna and thus risking vessel’s mission capabilities.