Affordable thermal night vision system

This affordable, fixed-mount thermal night vision system helps with steering around obstacles, collision avoidance and finding people in the water at night. Simple to mount and easy to integrate into your existing electronics, MD-Series outputs standard analog video that can be easily displayed on any monitor at the helm or other monitors on the vessel.

Key Features:
• Available in 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 resolutions
• 2x e-zoom standard; 4x e-zoom included on MD-625
• Ethernet-enabled control for integration into your current electronics
• Compact, all weather, water proof enclosure provides for easy mounting options
• Ball up or ball down mounting

Different versions available


Sensor type320 × 240 VOx Microbolometer640 × 480 VOx Microbolometer

FOV (Field of View)24° × 18° (NTSC)25° × 20° (NTSC)

Focal length13 mm25 mm

E-zoom2×2×, 4×

Image processing FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement

Range perfomance

Detect man-sized target440 m930 m

Detect small vessel1,340 m2,800 m